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Students in Theology are asked to encounter the deepest questions about God, themselves, and Creation, as they make a journey that begins with fundamental Catholic teaching and culminates in advanced reflection on what it means to be a person of faith. Along the way, all students take courses in Scripture, Sacraments, and Morality. The Senior year provides electives in Social Justice, Christian living, Spirituality, and Philosophical Theology. The Department is thoroughly Ignatian in that it seeks to inculcate a habit of finding God in all things and live a life of commitment to the Gospel. With that predisposition we hope that our students will radiate the Gospel values of charity and compassion to the world around them. Working in conjunction with the Service and Pastoral Programs, the aim of each class will be to help our young men advance themselves in prayer and self-understanding through personal and group spiritual formation, journal writing, and theological dialogue. The work of each class will be to stretch the minds and hearts of our students and in so doing, challenge them to live at that junction of faith and understanding that undergirds the faith tradition of the Church.

Regis Jesuit teaches under a curriculum developed in response to the mandate by the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops, which among other things, required all students attending Catholic High Schools in the United States to take four full years of Theology. It should be noted that teachers will supplement readings from a variety of other sources such as the Catechism of The Catholic Church and Encyclicals. 

  • Freshman Theology consists of an introduction to Catholicism including Sacraments, the place of Scripture and Tradition and an introduction to Morality. Included in the freshman year is an introduction to Jesuit history, life and spirituality. A couple of fun and distinguishing units studied this year are the four women martyrs who ministered and died in El Salvador in the 1980’s and the study of famous Jesuits.
  • Sophomore Theology looks at Scripture. In the fall, students explore the Old Testament. In the spring, students study New Testament.
  • Junior Theology explores the human condition (i.e., Theological Anthropology) and the nature of the world in which we find ourselves, examining the fundamental questions about both through two primary lenses: the secular and the sacred. What are the points of agreement, tensions, and, at times, blatant disagreements between a faith-informed view of ourselves and our surroundings, and a strictly secular perspective on these same foundational issues? Furthermore, what do such points of agreement, tensions, and, at times, blatant disagreements mean for one striving to live a Christian life in modern society? In discussing these matters of concern, the course will demand that students encounter their beliefs/faith in a deeply reflective way.
  • Senior year, students are required to choose from the electives offered.


God Concepts
Senior Theology Seminar
Social Justice
Theology 1
Theology 2
Theology 3

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