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The Raider is the magazine for the entire community of Regis Jesuit High School - alumni, parents, students and friends. Two issues of the magazine are published each year - one in the summer and the other in winter - and both feature a special section for our alumni — The Alumni Raider. Our Annual Report detailing the financial health of the school for the previous fiscal year is inserted into the winter issue of the magazine each year. It can also be found at

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  • Spring Sports Supplement - write up for the teams that were erroneously and unintentionally left out of the print issue
  • From the Archives - Documents uncovered in researching the history of Regis Jesuit, with thanks to the archivists at Regis University 
    • Rocky Mountain News Editorial on Moving from the North Denver Campus
    • Part 1 - Covers of student newspapers, brochures and other interesting documents throughout the years
    • Part 2 - Student Handbook for 1940-41 and list of text books for the early 40s
  • Class of 2017 Colleges
  • LARK 2017 Photos

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  • #2Philly4Francis - photos and video of our students' pilgrimage to see Pope Francis in Philadelphia

Summer 2015

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  • Religious Raiders - see the list of all alumni who are or have served as priests, brothers or deacons



  • See a slideshow of photos from the early years of the Girls Division in celebration of its tenth anniversary!

Spring 2011

  • Read student reflections to the Speed Mentoring event held as part of the ONE BOOK ONE COMMUNITY Program

FALL 2010


  • See slideshow below for more paintings by attorney and artist Richard Ott '73


FALL 2009

Raider Journeys

Raider Journeys is a recurring feature in The Raider magazine where photos from members of the globetrotting community of Regis Jesuit are featured. We want to know about the cool places Raiders go... and be a part of it!

Here are the kinds of photos we are looking to include in upcoming issues:

  • Everyone rocking their Raider wear at the Empire State Building or Coliseum? Take a photo of your visit to an iconic spot and send it in.
  • If you see the hanging RJ sticker in an unexpected place, capture a picture on your smart phone and submit it.
  • Take your copy of The Raider magazine on vacation with you, then snap some photos of you and/or your family with the cover in the picture.
  • Don't have the magazine? You can download and print the hanging RJ from the website ( and include it in your pictures. You can also pull up the RJ on your phone from the school or alumni Facebook pages ( or This is a great way to put Regis Jesuit in your pictures easily.

Take us on your next Raider Journey!

In future issues, we want to continue to fill the page in the magazine with fun photos, so get your old jersey from the back of the closet, grab your Raider red, pack your suitcases and start snapping!

To submit a photo for inclusion in Raider Journeys, send your picture(s) [resolution of 300 dpi or better – standard for most digital cameras and smart phones and tablets] to

The History of Campbell Campus

Campbell Campus got its start, and its name, when Dick '54 and Dorothy Campbell gifted approximately 50 acres of open land in southeast Aurora to Regis Jesuit High School in the late 1980s. At the time, the school was still on the campus of Regis University, but facing significantly shrinking enrollment and possible closure, the fate of many other Catholic high schools in the city. Growth in the Denver metro area back then was happening to the south and east, so the decision to purchase and donate what was then an open field with views to both horizons seemed a logical one. And Regis U was willing to purchase the property on their campus, which facilitated the ability to move the high school.

  • On September 16, 1989, the cornerstone was laid for what is now the Girls Division building.
  • Classes began on the Campbell Campus in September 1990.
  • In January 1997, Regis Jesuit purchased an additional 35 acres adjacent to the Campbell Campus in hopes of expanding the campus at some point.
  • The pool, with its inflatable cover, was built in time for the 2000 swim season. 
  • In 2001, the Board of Trustees, with the support of the Archdiocese of Denver, voted to open a second division of the school. The addition would offer the same high quality, single gender educational experience to young women as the school had offered young men since its inception.
  • On April 11, 2003, ground was broken for a new facility for the Boys Division, and plans were made to renovate the existing school building for the on-campus arrival of the Girls Division in 2004. [The girls spent the 2003-04 school year at an off-campus location.]
  • For the 2004-05 school year, the Girls Division moved into their refurbished building on the Campbell Campus, while the Boys Division started classes in their new building.
  • At Homecoming 2008, the newly-resurfaced track was dedicated to long-time teacher and Track & Field coach, Rod Card '61.
  • On Laber Field, named for Gerald "Bud" Laber, new bleachers, courtesy of the Deline Family, were blessed on a beautiful spring day in April 2012.
  • A special Mass and reception on August 4, 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Girls Division.
  • In February 2014, the Steele Center, containing facilities for the performing arts, communications, college counseling as well as a student commons area, opened between the two Divisions. With facilities intended for use by all students, it is both the physical and spiritual heart of the school.

The class of 1991 with its 103 boys was the first to graduate from the Campbell Campus. In May, the 179 girls and 231 boys of the class of 2016 became the 25th class to complete their Raider experience on this campus. We celebrate them, and all the classes between, who have helped to shape Campbell Campus, both the land and the community that now abides here, in these first 25 years. And we look to the horizon for what the future will bring to Campbell Campus and Regis Jesuit. We can't wait!

Have a memory or milestone for Campbell Campus to share? Please send it along with your name and relationship to Regis Jesuit to

Campbell Campus Slideshow

The Construction and Dedication of Campbell Campus

The land before anything was there
The land before anything was there

The Paintings of Richard Ott '73

"Building Downtown" by Richard Ott '73
"Building Downtown" by Richard Ott '73