Tools for Student Success

Finals Study Schedule Template

Open this Word document, add your class/exam information, print,  and/or save it to your iPad.  Keep it where it will help you to study regularly.


BD First Semester Final Exam Study Guide Template



GD Second Semester Final Exam Study Guide Template



Writing Template

RJHS Title Page Template. Open this Microsoft Word document, modify it with your information, and save with a new name in your directory.

Citation Tools

Evaluation Forms

  • Basic Evaluation Form for all uses:  Download Word.docx  |  Download PDF
    • These forms can be filled out online.  Use Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer.

  • "The More" Evaluation form that helps you to analyze your information resources more thoroughly.  Use this form for higher level scholarly evaluation to identify the best source for your research. Download Word.docxDownload PDF



Miscellaneous Items - Graph Paper and Cornell Paper

Need other graph paper, monthly calendar pages or specialty papers? Design and print your own here.