iPad Help

Five things to try:

  1. Review video tutorials listed on the right for appropriate guidance.
  2. Reset your iPad.
  3. Delete and reinstall trouble apps.
  4. Double check your AppleID is correct.
  5. Ask a friend.

Having trouble getting MBS digital books to show up in your MBS App? Read this guide.

If you continue to have trouble with your iPad, please see the appropriate Library and they will help troubleshoot.

If you encounter a hardware, iTunes or AppleID issue, please see Apple directly.

Lost your iPad? See the appropriate Dean's Office and utilize FindMyiPad.

Worried about gaming and/or browsing? Here are some options:

  1. Native to the iPad is the ability to set up Restrictions. With it, you can delete the apps you don’t want on your student’s iPad, then restrict the installation of apps and thus ensure you have what you want.  You can also do more things, as the tutorial shows you.
  2. This tutorial focuses on limiting certain types of games. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see specific settings you can set to help control what is happening on the iPad.
  3. There is an app called TimeLock for $.99.  It can be found here
  4. Another option is NetSanityThis is a great overview also on how teens will try to get around your controls.
  5. Another option to NetSanity, though with fewer options, is Intego’s Family Protector.
  6. Here is a free option to #3 and #4.
  7. Parents worried about internet browsing have used this app here at RJ.